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Andrew Palmer at The Mowhay Gallery 2017 Featured

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I am glad to be showing these paintings at the MOWHAY GALLERY, Trebetherwick, Cornwall. 2017.

1. 'Window Sill.' 2016. Oil on canvas. 20 x 30 inches.

A stormy day in Port Gaverne- not able to go out and paint. A Geranium in a pot on the window sill, wild wind and sea outside. I had a small canvas prepared and my oil paints were ready to go, so in a moment of quiet stillness I sat and painted. It was spontaneous and I was transported beyond time. At the end of the day I put the canvas to one side in the studio and thought no more of it until I came to considering which paintings to frame for my recent exhibition. This painting ‘Window Sill’ came into its own, and, being my most recent painting, has indicated a new departure for me. In its ‘unthinkingness’ and combination of inside and out side, – soft growing nature and wild stormy sea– abstract expressionist elements and figurative representational drawing- all without me having to try to hard- it is an understated painting, but one which is very important to me.

2. 'Longships from Nanven.' 2016. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cms.

Longships from Nanven web

The large, smooth boulders which populate the beaches of Porth Nanven Cove have led to its being referred to by some as ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’. The black boulders were used to line the vaults of the Bank of England. Longships Lighthouse is just visible through the spray, to the west of Porth Nanven. I was inspired by the solidity of the boulders and the immediacy of the sea in the crashing moment of the waves – yet its infinite vastness stretching out over the Atlantic off Lands End.

3. ‘Port Gaverne Pebbles.’ 2016. Oil on canvas. 20 x 30 inches.

Port Gaverne PebblesWeb

Beachcombing at Port Gaverne I became preoccupied with the pebbles and began by painting them- each one individual and unique but unified in their presence as the shoreline- only to be dressed, undressed and changed by the powerful waves.Rythmical, sensuous, lapping and crashing waves. The tide turned. The weather changed. The sea and the sky drew my attention.I painted from the bottom to the top of the canvas (unusually). The ever enveloping sea and the approaching storm developed in layers, the paint, almost literally, describing the scene. I went out of myself. Oil paint, linseed oil and paste, Cerulean blue, aquamarine,ochres, salty white spray. Squeeqies, bold brushstrokes and expressive skeins of colour.

4.'North Cornwall Coastpath 2.' 2015. Oil on canvas. 80 x 65 cms.

In the sandunes on the coastpath near Tregirls. Hot sun. Red ground. Hot sand. Yellow ground. Harsh Marram grass spikey etched in paint.

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